How to Use Apple iPhone’s Hidden Timer Feature to Stop Music, Podcasts Automatically

Apple’s native Clock app has been around for a very long time, and it comes with a hidden feature that is useful to stop music or podcast playback, automatically. Although apps like Spotify and Netflix also have an automatic timer feature, the native option on the Apple iPhone is equally useful as it allows users to set the range as per their preferences. The automatic sleep feature is best for users who enjoy falling asleep to music or podcasts. It not only helps in saving the precious battery on iPhones but also saves internet data.

To set up automatic sleep for Apple Music or Podcasts, open the Clock app on the iPhone and select Timer at the bottom left. Then tap on ‘When Timer Ends’ and scroll down till you reach ‘Stop Playing’ and select ‘Set’ at the top right. Once done, now set up the hour or minutes after which you want the song or the podcast episode to stop playing and then hit ‘Start.’ iPhone users can also access the Timer from the Control Panel by selecting the stopwatch icon. You can now turn off the screen on your ‌iPhone‌ and tuck into bed. If the Timer ends and you have not fallen asleep yet, just resume whatever audio was playing and restart the Timer.

On Android, users can download third-party apps like Sleep Timer by pboos or Sleep Timer by Baylife Studios via the Google Play App Store. The app requires administrator privileges to lock the screen when it puts the device to sleep. Once you are done setting up, the app will directly lead users to the timer page and they can set up their preferred hours or minutes. Hit ‘Start’ once you have allotted the time. It seems that Android does not have the feature natively present yet. Google is currently working on its next-gen Android 12, therefore we’re yet to see if this would change in future.