Mike Mayock: “Jury’s out” on Trent Brown staying with team

Shortly before Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock held a press conference on Wednesday, there was a report that the team was considering a trade involving right tackle Trent Brown.

The timing all but guaranteed Mayock would be asked about Brown’s future with the club and he faced the question during the session. Mayock said that the “jury’s out” on whether Brown would be back after playing 10 or more snaps in 14 of his first 32 games as a member of the team.

“When he’s healthy, in shape and ready to go, he’s as dominant as any tackle in football,” Mayock said, via Josh Dubow of the Associated Press. “He proved that early in the 2019 season. Since then, it’s been kind of a roller coaster. What he needs to do more than anything is get himself in the best shape of his life and come out ready to prove that he is a dominant tackle in the National Football League. That’s all it takes. If Trent gets in shape and stays committed, there’s not a better talent out there.”

Those are big ifs based on Brown’s first two seasons with the Raiders and moving Brown would clear $14 million in cap space. The Raiders are also set to release right guard Gabe Jackson, so they may wind up looking very different on the offensive line in 2021.